A Competitive Advantage like Few Others

We marketers are always looking for a competitive edge.  Unfortunately, most competitive advantages tend to be short lived; i.e., competitors quickly counter with matching functionality, something better, or easier to use, and/or cheaper. 

On the other hand, intellectual property (IP) is one business asset that cannot be duplicated by your competitors.  Intellectual property can be a brand, invention, design, a song or any other another intellectual creation.

IP comes in many flavors.   Patents protect new ideas. Design registrations protect artistic creations. Trademarks protect your business name and brand. Copyrights protect your website, brochures, technical manuals, and promotional items.

Patents are exclusive.  No one can replicate or use your patented idea for 20 years. And if a competitor does so, you can sue them for patent infringement.

Further, IP not only provides you with a marketing edge, it can also dramatically affect your net worth and corporate valuation.  Investors and venture capitalists are most attracted to firms with IP.  In fact, more often than not they are more interested in the company’s IP than they are with the actual product and/or income statement.

Our business at Hughes Faction to help firms differentiate themselves, find new customers, and grow.  To those ends, we offer Sales and Marketing Assessment and Action Plans which can include Intellectual Property Portfolio Assessment and Development services.

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