Action Plan

If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix it is Good Advice for Surgeons and Plumbers.

It can be Fatal Advice for Business.

Strategy/Action Plan. Where are you today, where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there? Obstacles in the way, what needs to be done differently, and what additional assets, skills and resources are required to meet the objectives? Your Action Plan includes Milestones. Deliverables. Who does what, and when? Budget. Check points. Reporting.

Business Success
Every business is successful exactly to the extent it does better what others cannot.
Revenues. Flat and declining revenue is not necessarily the fault of the sales department. Revenue growth is a team effort and is dependent on many factors.

Assets. Are the people in your company capable of executing your growth plan? Do you have enough cash to fund rapid growth? Are your intellectual property assets protected?

Market/Customers. Who are your existing, best and target customers? What are their current and emerging needs? Repeat vs. new sales? Is your market growing? How is it changing?

Products/Services. What problems do your products solve in the life of your customers? What makes your product different?

Distribution Channels. How do new customers find out about your product and its benefits? How well do your sales people know your product? How good are they at making a sale?

Marketing/Sales. How do you beat the market leader?

Information Technology. Are you using Customer Relationships Management (CRM), Cloud Computing, mobile, big data, analytics, search engine marketing?