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A Competitive Advantage like Few Others

We marketers are always looking for a competitive edge.  Unfortunately, most competitive advantages tend to be short lived; i.e., competitors quickly counter with matching functionality, something better, or easier to use, and/or cheaper.  On the other hand, intellectual property (IP) is one business asset that cannot be duplicated by your competitors.  Intellectual property can be Continue Reading...

Why PR & Press Releases Are Important

Some people call public relations (PR) and press releases free advertising. That’s only true in a limited sense. It takes time, skill and money to write articles and releases, interview the press and media, and make public appearances. There are many reasons why PR and specifically press releases are popular and in many cases essential. Continue Reading...

Build Credibility to Build Sales

Becoming credible with prospective new customers will almost always take longer and cost more money than planned. Further, once you become credible, you still don’t necessarily have an order. All you’ve done is become a qualified vendor in the eyes and minds of your prospective customer. You still have to win the business. This is Continue Reading...

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