Build Credibility to Build Sales

Becoming credible with prospective new customers will almost always take longer and cost more money than planned. Further, once you become credible, you still don’t necessarily have an order. All you’ve done is become a qualified vendor in the eyes and minds of your prospective customer.

You still have to win the business. This is a major flaw in many new business plans; i.e., anticipating new market acceptance too quickly. This is why you look for “starving crowds” and why tight, target market focus geared toward shortening the sales cycle is mandatory.

In these days of intense information overload, everyone is (or at least should be) skeptical. So… after spending all that time and money building credibility and trying to find new customers, make darn sure that the product you show them was worth the effort.

There is no better way to deflate sales staff motivation and ultimately decrease your sales volume than having sales people spend significant time courting prospects that are never going to want the offering.

These days it’s vital to be credible and trustworthy in your field. It’s also important to take the time to fully understand what is to be bought, who is buying it and why are they buying. Taking the time to fully understand both the technical and personal reasons why a prospect will buy from you can pay big dividends. Couple that with trust and credibility and there you have a recipe for sales success.