Business Dreams Need Plans

Whether you’re starting a new business or injecting new ideas into an existing business, your first step should be to put something down on paper. Write down what you think you want to do. If not a formal plan, then write down an agenda, or goals, or maybe just a schedule. But put your ideas in writing. Written plans can:

  • Become a structured method of discovery; i.e., by thinking ahead, you will uncover ideas and tactics you would never think about if you were just reacting to the next situation.
  • Become a great communication tool. Use portions to make employees and customers aware of your vision and capabilities.
  • Become a valuable piece of evidence of your viability and is especially useful when dealing with bankers, vendors, and landlords.

Many times it’s best to start simple and build out your plan. A list with a solid foundation can be successfully built upon. If your list becomes convoluted, disorganized and confusing even to you… that’s OK. It’s better to work out the confusion and disorganization of your ideas on paper rather than during the heat of battle.

Don’t wait until you have significant money, time and resources at stake before planning your work and working your plan.

By writing out your ideas and thoughts, you can discover issues you haven’t quite thought through or never even thought about. You may even realize new opportunities based on your original ideas. In any case you will be more prepared to hit the ground running no matter if you’re starting a business, improving a business or laying out your dreams for the future. So keep dreaming and start planning!