Customer Buying Motives, Wants & Needs

In order to inspire your prospects to buy, it’s important to understand and address personal reasons customers will buy from you including trust and knowing other smart people have done business with you in the past. Having a product and/or service that provides a clear solution to your customer’s problem  is also vital. But equally important is the need to offer your potential customers relevant motivational benefits.

Wants and needs are very much affected by times and trends. What’s in one year is out the next. This is especially true these days in the era of continuous upgrades and updates. Kids and adults in the fifties and sixties had vastly different value systems than today. When determining your sales message, you have to be tuned in on exactly who it is you are talking to, where they are coming from, and what’s hot in their minds. Here are some possible buying motives:

  • Make Money, Save Money
  • Save Time and Effort
  • Win Praise, Impress Others, Be in Style
  • Attract Opposite Sex, Popularity
  • Self Improvement, Better Health
  • Competitive Edge, Better Performance
  • Have Fun, Help Others
  • Get a Bargain, Security

Don’t forget, this truly is the age of skepticism. Your target buyers are undoubtedly suffering from sensory overload.  Every day consumers are bombarded with email, online ads, informational articles, their snail-mailboxes are stuffed with “Free” offers of “New” products that have been “Personalized” just for them. Advertisers on hundreds of television channels vie for attention and money.

Customers today have a huge amount of information at their fingertips are not nearly as naive as in the past. Any claim you make these days, that’s without relevance or proof is useless. So make sure you understand and address your target market’s true buying motives to help increase your sales activity.