Getting Started

Look for the Starving Crowds

Think about it. Without real customer demand, your wonderful product won’t make you a nickel.

The best way to find your starving crowd is to think small, narrow your focus and define your own market. This should be your own area of specialization; where you have the most to offer, are the most credible, and/or have the best chance of winning.

Trying to Please Everyone Is not the Key to Success
Tight market focus always pays off.
That’s because the narrower the focus, the broader the reach.

Business Assessment. Business model review… Revenues, Cost of Goods, Gross Margin, Operating Expenses, and Profit. Then a quick analysis of the business situation… identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our ultimate objective here is to uncover the key issues keeping the business from meeting its objectives.

Sales & Marketing Audit. How are you going to meet your revenue projections?

Business Plans. A well-thought out business plan forces you to consider issues and situations you wouldn’t normally think about; in a sense, writing a business plan becomes a structured method of discovery. We can review your plan and make recommendation, help you with a rewrite or work with you to create a brand new plan.