Honest Help for Marketing Impact

The importance of knowing your audience and speaking directly to them has always been critical for any successful marketing campaign. When it comes to Internet and search engine marketing this is especially important. A personalized and credible conversation to a well defined target market is exactly what awareness, trust, brand loyalty and ultimately a sale are based on.

One thing is certain, most businesses always communicate the great things they’ve done, the great things they can do, and the great things that will happen to you if you choose to do business with them. Yes, this information is very important and should be part of the dialogue between you and your prospects. But should this be the start and finish of your communication? Where does credibility really start to kick in so prospects are engaged, become customers and ultimately become raving fans?

As with a “real life” conversation, communicating to your prospects shouldn’t be all about you. A conversation based on mutual knowledge of concerns has a much better chance of hitting home and engaging that prospect. Quickly and tactfully communicating the major reasons why people MAY NOT want to do business with you is a great way to start a “real” conversation.

This can be as simple as asking your prospects (via ad, copy, website, etc…) simple questions such as “Fed up with no return polices?”, “Have you spent too much for too little?”, “Given up on XYZ? Let us tell you why you shouldn’t? But just asking these type questions isn’t enough, make sure you provide real answers, not self promoting answers… remember you are building a relationship via a helpful conversation.

Bottom line is to put yourself in your target market’s shoes and find out what their likely “veto” is. In other words even if everything else about your product is what they desire, what is the main reason they may NOT pull the trigger on your call to action? Was it how your competition treated them? Was it empty promises? Is it an industry perception (real or perceived)?

By knowing your audience and effectively addressing their potential issues head on, you can build the initial relationship with a sincere conversation based on honesty and a transparency. As with most things in life foundations of honesty, transparency and a desire to help is crucial to success no matter what the cause.

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