Intellectual Property

Asset Protection, Business Valuation, Brand Equity

Your property rights can be protected under state and federal laws. Intellectual Property (IP) is the expression of an idea. It can be a brand, invention, design, a song or an other another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold and comes in many flavors.

Intellectual Services
Intellectual Property Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Inter Parties Review, Patent Prosecution, Intellectual Property Portfolio Development and General Corporate Counseling.
Brand equity is a financial measure of your brand’s (and often business’) value. Brand protection services provide brand registrations, monitoring, and enforcement for unauthorized use or distribution.

Patents protect new ideas. Design registrations protect artistic creations. Trademarks protect your business name and brand. Copyrights protect your website, brochures, technical manuals, and promotional items.

Confidentiality agreements, also known as Non-Disclosure (NDA) agreements protect you from having someone share your confidential information (such as a product or business idea) with a third party.