Internet Marketing: Where to Start?

Now that you’re ready to pursue Internet marketing, what are the first logical steps you should take to ensure that you not only optimize your online exposure, but also optimize your use of time and resources? There are many ways to reach a target market via the web. And no doubt there are many ways to blow through a lot of cash trying to find the best method for gaining targeted traffic.

A successful Internet marketing plan begins with an aesthetically pleasing website design coupled with content that communicates a clear call to action. Before investing anything into marketing or even applying basic SEO, make sure your website is not only presentable, but represents your business appropriately. Always remember, you have only a few precious seconds to capture a new visitor’s attention and keep them at your website.

In addition to your website, it’s important to take stock of all the “digital assets” you currently have. These assets include any media that can be indexed and displayed by the search engines or other Internet properties. For example, your existing videos, images, news releases, social media, podcasts and blogs can all be included in “universal” search results.

Universal search results are used by Google, Bing and Yahoo in varying degrees. The benefit of universal search to a searcher will be that they are shown a single set of “blended” search results for a particular search inquiry. This provides searchers more relevant and useful “one stop shop” search results (searcher gets most relevant information all at once, doesn’t have to search the news, then the video, then the images, etc…).

Successful Internet marketing is more than just attracting quality traffic to your website. Make sure your website is “ready for prime time” and don’t forget to take stock of your digital assets. Understanding how digital assets are used by your target market and the search engines is an important first step toward attaining Internet marketing success. Your website and digital assets are a crucial part of successful Internet marketing… so make sure your digital assets are just that…. assets. Don’t let them become digital liabilities!