Internet, Sales, Marketing: Don’t Forget What’s Important

When considering the Internet, sales and marketing it’s always a good idea to keep fresh in the mind those attributes that can make a positive difference in your business. Over the next few weeks we will re-visit some of our previous blogs to highlight the take-aways.

What Makes a Prospect Want to Buy From You? To boil down the answer to this critical question, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Being prepared for how prospects will react to your sales call can make the difference between a sale and no sale.

Your Business Needs to Use the Internet. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune compiled a list of companies that local venture capital firms recently invested. Arguable the most amazing aspect of this list was 90% of these now-funded companies are in the Internet and/or software business.

Use Landing Pages For Great Conversation (& Conversion). It’s understandable how much effort businesses put into their PPC campaigns… keywords, ads, targeting, budgeting, etc… But what’s amazing is how many advertisers put little effort into where the visitors go once the ad is clicked. A streamline connection between keyword, ad and landing page is fundamental to a successful PPC campaign.

Internet Marketing, Where to Start? There are a myriad of attributes that will determine how successful the Internet is for your business. Setting the foundation of success by making sure your website and digital assets are “ready for prime time” are vital first steps that will save you time and money in the short and long term.

Talk Less and Sell More. Most sales people love to talk. If they didn’t then being a salesperson would probably be a miserable career choice. Successful selling certainly involves clear articulation, but you will never find out what prospects really want unless you let them speak.