Know What Your Customers Really Want

There are lots of ways to shorten the sales cycle, but none work better than finding out exactly what problem your prospective customers want you to solve for them. That’s because, once you know what prospects really want and what ultimately makes customers want to buy from you, getting the order is under your control. The trick is to cut through the flack and get down to what really counts. Don’t make the mistake of assuming they are interested in buying your product because of what it says at your website or in your brochure.

Interestingly, when you first ask customers what they really want, you rarely get a straight answer. You’ll get stock answers like “I’m looking for the best return on investment” or “I’m looking for price and performance” or “I don’t want a vendor, I want a business partner”.

At this point pause. If your prospect continues to talk, let them continue. When they are finally finished, nod appreciatively and say “In addition to that?” or “Why? or “And what else?”. Keep them talking…. before long they will start to get personal which usually means you’re getting close to what really matters. Keep it up and you will ultimately uncover your prospect’s real buying motivation.

When it comes down to it, there really is only one way to get someone to buy what you sell. Just one. Make the person want to do it. Find out what your prospect really wants and the advantage is all yours.