Know Your Marketing Communication Objectives

Marketing communications objectives. Before you choose how you’re going to talk to your market (ads, PR, mail, etc…) and after you position your product and company, it’s important to determine your marketing communications objectives. Exactly what do you want people to do after they visit your website, read your ads, articles, direct mail, etc. What are you trying to change, instill, teach and/or make happen?

Attitudes.  Are you changing attitudes about your product or your company? From what-to-what?  What is your market’s current attitude about your product? What attitude do you want people to have about your product?

Awareness. If you want people to become aware of who you are, then consider what that means. How could you measure it? What is the current level of awareness? When someone becomes aware of you and your product, they should….?

Educate. Do you need to instruct and teach your prospective customers about your technology, product, approach? What needs to be taught? Why?

Behavior. What do you want the prospects to do once they become aware of your company and product? Do you want the prospects to make a purchase? Visit your store? Should they call or complete a form to request information?  Exactly what do you want people to do after they hear about your product?

Don’t neglect understanding what your marketing communications objectives are. Ask yourself a simple question: What do you want people to do after they hear of your product or company?