Sales & Marketing

The Second Most Expensive thing is Gaining a New Customer.

The Most Expensive is losing an Old Customer.

Trying to selling to people who never heard of you is expensive, can be very inefficient, and always takes more time than planned. Repeat sales to existing customers are almost always profitable. So… when advertising and prospecting, be very clear as to what problems you are solving in the life of your customer. What makes you different? What do you offer that customers would love?

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Listening is the most effective way “to make friends and influence people.”
Sales. How do new customers find out about you and your products? How good are your sales people and how well do they know your product? The goal here is to shorten sales cycles, increase sales, lower sales costs, and turn first time customers into perpetual customers.

Marketing. The marketing activities with the biggest payoffs are those that cause orders to happen faster. That’s why direct response advertising… on the web, in print, on TV, on the radio… works better than indirect, awareness advertising. It’s why demonstrations and samples work better than brochures. It’s why asking for the order in person always works better than asking over the phone.

Customer Acquisition Channels. Advertising, PR, direct mail, trade shows, telephone, direct sales… they all work. However, the Internet has opened up many, many more ways for you to find new customers. Search engine marketing, targeting blogs, social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, affiliate programs, email marketing… all help make the world know who you are and what you have to offer.