Internet Marketing

Find New Customers, Make More Sales, Gain a Competitive Edge

For well over a decade we’ve helped thousands of companies leverage the Internet to find new customers, lower costs, shorten sales cycles and grow their business.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC). Includes industry leading setup and management of targeted search and display advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as every other worthwhile internet property. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses take advantage of this popular and effective method of increasing online sales, aggressive lead generation and branding via Text, Display, Banners, Audio and Instream ad types.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We understand the many attributes the search engines consider when ranking websites in the organic (non PPC) search results and what it takes to make your website rank well at the major search engines for your important keywords. SEO services include (not limited to): Competitor and Keyword Analysis, Content Optimization, XML Maps, Business Listings, Link Building, Ranking Progress Reports, Google Analytics Setup & Consultation.

Local Targeted Search Marketing. Targeting particular geographic areas is ideal for certain businesses. Whether it’s targeting particular regions, cities, counties, states or even countries, we are expert at knowing exactly how to target your local market. Local search is becoming increasingly popular and we can make certain your business is consistently and prominently found in local searches throughout the web.

Lead Generation Campaigns. Includes aggressive targeted search engine and Internet exposure coupled with custom keyword and topic specific landing pages. The sole purpose is to generate viable leads at an acceptable, predetermined cost-per-lead.

eBay, Amazon & Shopping Site Selling. We are certified eBay Power Sellers and have Top Rated eBay Seller status. We know how to sell on eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Shops and other very popular Internet shopping portals. Creating effective auctions, stores and product listings have helped our clients achieve more sales and Internet exposure. We can create new or improve your current eBay, Amazon, Yahoo Shops or other shopping site efforts to increase their effectiveness.


Blogs & Feeds. An extraordinary way to have ongoing communications with your market, build a fan base, expand your Internet presence, and give Google more reasons to improve your website rankings. We’ll help you with set up and content management.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. We will make your social presence represent you in the most professional and effective manner. We create and manage social campaigns that are fully integrated with your blog, website and corporate objectives.


Web Site Strategy/Management/Optimization. When visitors arrive at your site they must be immediately engaged and assured they are at the right place to satisfy their expectations. We know what works and what doesn’t. This is where your competitive advantage starts.

Landing Page & Website Design Services. Attracting quality traffic to your quality website is a winning formula. Whether it’s landing page creation, a web design tune-up or a complete web design project, we have the expertise to create any type website from the simple information site to the most complex shopping portals.

Online Selling. Take orders 24/7. We’ll set you up with the right online e-commerce provider for your situation and integrate that functionality to your web site. When customers arrive at your site, we’ll move them through your entire sales cycle, culminating in an on-line order.


Internet Marketing Consulting/Training. We provide Internet Marketing training/consulting in a one-on-one or group environment. Internet consulting and training helps increase the effectiveness of your current internet marketing and builds efficiency between company departments, upper management and other interrelated business groups.