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Peter Drucker, the renowned business guru, said it simply, “Ideas are easy, execution is hard.” That’s where we come in. We’ll help you strategically connect with your audience through a powerful combination of emotion, logic and professional marketing methods. You’ll receive a measurable return on investment and enjoy the benefits of working with a company that is transparent, really knows what it is talking about and delivers as promised.

Until we can answer the questions Bill poses, our business or organization will drift.” John Wimberly, Pastor, Author The Business of the Church

Sales & Marketing Assessment. We visit with your managers and personnel to understand your strategies, methods and metrics. We may also talk to some customers. The purpose is to provide you with an objective review of your sales and marketing performance along with recommendations for improvement.

Positioning, Messaging. Exactly what problem are you solving in the life of your customer? What’s the elevator pitch? What makes you different? You already have a position; i.e., how people think about you and your products today. How do you want them to think about you in the future?

Sales & Marketing Action Plans. You need to be clear on your target markets, accounts and customers, messaging, answers to the most common objections, competitive knock-offs and other business basics so that when you do find qualified prospects you’ll  be able quickly turn them into customers.

• Find New Qualified Prospects • Lower Cost of Selling %
• Shorten Sales Cycles • Improve Sales Forecasting Accuracy
• Raise the Average Order Size • Enhance Communications
• Increase Gross Profit % • Increase Corporate Valuation

Virtual Sales & Marketing Management. You get Bill Hughes to act as your Virtual Sales/Marketing Manager. After an initial kickoff meeting in person, we communicate weekly via an internet meeting service to set goals and check progress. Our methodology incorporates a consultative approach coupled with the latest technologies to…

 • Identify Obstacles impeding revenue growth
 • Determine remedies
 • Document a course of action… Who, What, When
 • Execute against defined outcomes

Investment Profile. Outlines the company’s key investment messages. Different from an annual report, company press backgrounder, or promotional brochure. Instead it provides straightforward, objective, factual documentation of a company’s investment appeals – written in a style and format that most analysts and money managers like to use. The purpose of the report is to do at least 70% or 80% of the analysts’ homework for them.

Game Plan Book Videos

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Game Plan to Avoid Critical Mistakes in Sales and Marketing. Street-smart tactics and high-tech strategies to avoid the most common and costly mistakes in sales and marketing. Buy the book.

Game Plan to Develop an Action Plan for Sales & Marketing. Step-by-step instructions on developing a sales and marketing action plan. Buy the book.