Six Key Sales & Marketing Questions for Business

When building a business and your client base, there are six key questions you should ask. By addressing these questions now you can hone your sales and marketing strategy for greater success.

1. What makes you different? This is what a competitor’s star salesperson asked me as I was trying to convince him to join our company. It’s all he wanted to know. He knew that if what made us different wasn’t important to the people he would be calling on, we weren’t the right company for him or his customers.

2. How and where can I find the best prospects? If it’s advertising, where will you run the ad? If it’s the Internet, what is the search behavior of your prospects? If it’s target accounts, forget about advertising, go set up camp right in their lobby (well sort of).

3. What problems are you solving for this customer? What will make the customer feel good about buying your product? What’s in it for the customer? Can you monetize the benefit?

4. Who is the competition? Why would prospects buy from them and not you? Why are you the better choice? How are prospects typically treated by your competitors?

5. Why should the customer believe you? What references can you provide? Do you have a persuasive demonstration? Is your online reputation in check?

6. How will you turn your new customers into perpetual customers and reference accounts? Will you follow-up personally or by phone? Who is responsible? Can you provide prompt, knowledgeable post-sales support?

By asking these questions now and seriously considering the answers you can better understand the sales and marketing issues and opportunities you and your business face or may be facing in the future.