Talk Less and Sell More

Yesterday a bright, very confident young sales guy came into our company and started telling the attendees and me in particular, why we should buy what he was selling.

His argument had merit, but his sales pitch (and this guy is a salesman) was horrible.

First he felt we should all know just how smart and experienced he was so then he gave us a mini-tour of his resume and then he segued smoothly into how much he knows about these kinds of products and then he told us what all the competitors were doing and then I’m not sure of because I tuned him out.  I wanted to walk out of the room, so instead I interrupted—suggested he meet directly with our engineers, bid him farewell and escaped.

I remember the late comedian George Carlin talking about how people think he’s not friendly.  He said “Nonsense, I like just about everyone until they decide to talk to me non-stop for more than one minute on a subject I care nothing about.  Then I do get a little testy.”

So… if you’re going to sell something, remember that old corn ball line that Tellin’s not Sellin.   You’ll never find out what anybody wants unless you let them speak.  Think of your sales call as a contest… he who speaks the least wins.