Ultimately it Gets Down to Trust

Just about anyone can get someone to buy something once. Successful businesses create perpetual customers. If you ask them why they keep coming back, you will find a common thread… Trust; customers buy because they trust you.

These days it’s amazing to me that being truthful seems to be the exception rather than the rule. Proposing and selling to a customer what they truly need rather than what they may be willing to spend seems a more prevalent and acceptable sales strategy than ever.

Whether it’s the veterinarian, electronic stores or repair shops, lately I’ve been experiencing more hard selling and less trust. Maybe it’s always been this way, maybe it’s the downturn in the economy, maybe online¬† it’s the low barrier to entry. In any case it’s always refreshing to deal with honest passionate and truthful people no matter what the need.

Repeat sales are the best measure of product acceptance and customer satisfaction. That is why “The second most expensive thing you do in business is to gain a new customer. The most expensive thing you do in business is to lose that customer”. And it’s why a company’s most valuable asset is its customers and keeping that asset growing is directly related to Trust.