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Virtual Director of Marketing

Save money and use one of our Senior Executives
to step in and start making it all happen.

Here is way for companies on a tight budget to gain the expertise of a proven senior manager at a fraction of what it would cost to find and hire a person of that caliber full time.

This is a terrific way to aggressively go after new business without taking the time to search for a full-time executive, outfitting him/her with an office, desk, computer, etc., and not have to incur the cost of a full-time salary and benefits.
Growth and Profit
New account business fuels growth. Repeat account business fuels profits.
Your Virtual Director of Marketing would work out a schedule to meet your needs. A typical engagement would be to…

Create and document actionable and measurable deliverables for each of the responsible persons in the department.

Meet with each person and have each commit to the assignment.

Once per week, either in person of via Skype, the persons would report to the Virtual Director of Marketing on their progress and project status.