What Makes a Prospect Want to Buy From You?

What is going to make a prospect want to buy from you? To answer this incredibly important question, put yourself in their shoes. Anticipate how your prospects are going to react to your sales call. Imagine yourself as the buyer. If you were in the buyer’s situation, what would you want from the salesperson, or the product or the vendor that would stimulate you to buy?

Ultimately prospects will feel good about themselves and want to buy from me (and you) when they …

Trust (like) me. People buy from people they trust and like; and it’s easy to not like a sour puss. It is also easy to like someone who is passionate and listens to you. It’s also easy to like someone who looks good, exudes confidence, shows honesty and doesn’t waste your time.

Are confident my product can do the job. If you were this buyer, what product, service, business issues would you be most interested in? List the features/benefits you think will be most relevant to this person. What evidence/demonstrations will you use to prove your points?

Know that other smart people are also buying my product. Make sure your prospect knows that others believe your product is a smart buy. Tell your prospect how others have benefited.

Believe your company will stand behind the product. Talk about service. Cite examples.

Feel they are getting a bargain. Make sure they know they are getting the best product at the best possible price. They want to believe this, so (1) make sure they are and (2) make sure you tell them they are.

People really do buy for personal reasons. They want to know what’s in it for them. People also tend to buy emotionally and later justify the purchase with logic. So… plan ahead and anticipate what’s going to be on your prospect’s mind to understand what makes your prospects want to buy from you.