What Problem Does Your Product Solve?

The ultimate success of any sales and marketing plan lies in the hands of your customers. Yes, it’s important to know psychologically and practically what makes a prospect want to buy from you. But boil it down and people will either buy from you or spend their money elsewhere. They need to know why they should buy and what’s in it for them.

Customers don’t buy products and services – they buy the benefits the products and services produce for them. Customers want solutions.

Your “concept” is your solution to your customer’s problems. Once you are clear on what customer problem(s) you’re solving, you will have made a giant step in your sales and marketing efforts. Ultimately, you’ll fine tune that message and when you do, make sure that everyone in your company knows it by heart and can communicate it quickly and easily.

Define your business in customer benefit terms. What do customers want from products like yours? Why should someone buy your product? What benefits or results will the customer receive from doing business with you? What will your product do for them?

People have very short attention spans. Don’t make them have to think about what the product or service will do for them. Give significant thought to the problem your product or service is solving in the life of the customer… put yourself in their shoes and think about the benefits YOU as a customer would expect and demand.