Why PR & Press Releases Are Important

Press ReleaseSome people call public relations (PR) and press releases free advertising. That’s only true in a limited sense. It takes time, skill and money to write articles and releases, interview the press and media, and make public appearances.

There are many reasons why PR and specifically press releases are popular and in many cases essential. For one thing, press releases are easy to create and publish, especially on the Internet. When a company sends a viable press announcement out on the newswires, search engines will normally pick up the release quickly and display it in the results… many times this can happen in minutes to hours. No more waiting for someone to decide if your news is worth publishing.

Press releases also make great ride-alongs in your mailings. In addition, they can help you reach the large percentage of people who won’t see or read your ads but may be potential customers. Further there is always an implied third-party endorsement from the medium. And finally, rising media costs make any alternative to buying advertising space worth considering.

An effective PR strategy considers more than the consumer or buyer. It should also consider industry influencers who affect how your customers think. The idea is to communicate with the 10% of your market that influences the other 90%. You want to reach people like market/application experts, editors, major account users, commentators, even competitors.  And don’t forget the financial types; they are always looking for evidence to justify their existing or potential investments.

Newsworthy items worth submitting to the press

  • New product introductions or enhancements
  • Financial results
  • New executives and promotions
  • Innovative business approaches
  • Trade show participation
  • Contract wins, new client sign-ups
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint venture
  • Awards, speech, seminar
  • Availability of research paper

In this day and age of the Internet it’s easy to forget the benefits of “old fashioned” PR and press releases.  Combining today’s technology with proven PR strategies can certainly make a difference in your business and well worth considering.